Sitework / Earthwork

  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Topsoil Stripping
  • Sub-Grade Preparation
  • Mass Earthwork
  • Lakes & Detention/Retention Ponds
  • Grading and Topsoil Replacement
  • Road Grading
  • Soil Erosion, Sediment Control
  • Storm Water Management
  • GPS, Robotic, Sonic, & Laser Guided Excavators, Dozers, Graders, & Scaper
  • Custom Equipment Hauling

Underground Utilities

  • Sanitary Sewer and Laterals
  • Storm Sewer
  • Water Main & Services
  • Force Mains
  • Pump Stations
  • Manhole Riser Restoration
  • Certified Mr. Manhole Installer

GPS Machine Controls

For decades, equipment operators took their instructions from ground stakes installed by surveyors. Stakes are quickly becoming obsolete for F & K thanks to Global Positioning Satellites that send radio signals back down to the equipment controls. Onboard GPS receivers allow scrapers, graders and dozers to plot accurate courses and grade to a ½” tolerance with little or no reference to in-ground markers. The immediate benefits are speed and extreme accuracy. Along with improving accuracy, our GPS machine controls also eliminate a significant amount of staking expense previously required. Owners and general contractors alike have come to rely on F & K to deliver their sites extremely precise and ready to build on.

Finished Product

At F & K construction, excavation and grading operations involve more than simply moving dirt. Finish grade tolerance, compaction, and soil conditions all must be taken into consideration. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provides you with projects completed on time, and of the highest quality. We experience on schools, municipal, industrial, commercial, residential and roadway projects as well as airports, wetland mitigation and large commercial septic mound systems.

F & K has experience with soil stabilization and modification to aid with poor subgrades. With the help of our sub contractors we can solve your most challenging soil problems with specialized stabilization techniques. Our experience with poor sub soils will help keep your project on schedule with a quality outcome.

Difficult sites are not a problem. We work with developers, builders, property owners, and municipalities, and focus on providing a site that is complete and ready to use upon delivery.


As an experienced utility contractor, F & K has completed a wide array of underground utilities for a large variety of different customers. At F & K, we take great care in performing our utility work with satisfaction, speed, safety, and uncompromising quality.

Our underground utility experience gives us a wide range of capabilities on water distribution, sanitary and storm sewer projects both engineered or design build. F & K works with small and large municipalities to perform emergency repairs. We can react quickly and professionally to bring a solution to any utility problem.

Our commitment to our clients is to maintain the highest level of quality while delivering cost efficient results and meeting the most demanding schedules. We operate year-round.

We are fully insured and bonded. We are also well stocked with our own fleet of heavy equipment, and have our own mechanic on staff to keep everything in good running order, thus saving our customers costly job delays.